Occasionally, disputes may arise between colleagues which warrant an investigation. DY3 Solutions come in as an impartial third party to investigate matters and deliver findings from an objective viewpoint.

All investigations are conducted in the strictest confidence, with regular updates communicated to clients. Our unbiased position allows us to draw our clients’ attention to the main issues and wider implications of our discoveries.

Making decisions based on evidence found during an investigation can be difficult, especially as there are often department-wide, long-lasting implications involved. DY3 Solutiions are on hands to support those decisions and guide you in making choices that are right and supported by tangible evidence, despite being sensitive in nature.

All investigations conducted by DY3 Solutions are in compliance with the Data Protection Act, 1998 and with respect for the dignity and privacy of those concerned. No details of individual parties and cases will be shared with the public.

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'I had the pleasure of working with John when he delivered “Soft Skills in Hard Places” to our team. The team and I all benefited greatly from this training and it has helped improve the working dynamic within the team.

John is extremely approachable which meant on a personal level felt I was able to ask him about my own personal development which he has helped greatly with. I hope our paths will cross again but in the meantime I would have no hesitation in recommending John, if a company needed his services as he always delivers.' Read more here...

Catherine Shelley

Project Manager


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