Mediation and

Conflict Resolution

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Where relationships have broken down, it can be difficult to communicate. DY3 Solutions offers a Mediation and Conflict Resolutions which facilitates effective communication between all parties involved and aims to find a solution which is acceptable to all.

We create an environment in which everyone’s viewpoint can be heard and most importantly, understood. From there, we address and clarify areas of concern, which in turn allows us to form a dialogue that enables us to reach a satisfactory outcome.

How do you conduct Mediation and Conflict Resolution?

  • Hold a series of individual meetings with key parties
  • Identify the major issues that may be present
  • Examine patterns and relationships
  • Establish what needs to be done, said and adhered to in order to heal the situation
  • Agree on our personal resources and commitment
  • Facilitate a mediation meeting with the parties involved which could be a group meeting or facilitated one to one meetings between the individuals concerned
  • Write up a shared understanding of the outcomes, together with a commitment to adhering to our agreements and establish what to do should individuals feel the process is slipping

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'I had the pleasure of working with John when he delivered “Soft Skills in Hard Places” to our team. The team and I all benefited greatly from this training and it has helped improve the working dynamic within the team.

John is extremely approachable which meant on a personal level felt I was able to ask him about my own personal development which he has helped greatly with. I hope our paths will cross again but in the meantime I would have no hesitation in recommending John, if a company needed his services as he always delivers.' Read more here...

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